Burge Fall CSA Week 6

Howdy Everyone!


Sorry for the late posting- something about fall makes me extra tired (and a little punchy) during the evenings, which is not conducive to legible writing…

I want to keep it short this week, so no long dispatches about the trials and tribulations of farm life. I feel sometimes like these newsletters become the farmer complaint hotline, so I just wanted to say that this week (knocks on wood), everything is actually just fine. The scary aphid infestation of last week has been dealt with by a cavalcade of ladybugs. In just a couple of days there where 3-4 ladybug larvae on each plant, and they went to work destroying every last one of those sap-sucking beasties (see, there is such a thing as justice in this world). We’ve been getting regular rain for the first time since April, and we are on target to get a ton of farm chores finished this week. Despite the normal farm-fatigue, we all seem happy and unusually well-rested. And to top it all off, we have a great box to show for it this week.

This might be the last of the eggplant (I can feel the collective anguish), so enjoy while you can. I am adding the preserved eggplant receipe from the Spring CSA if you want to give it a try (click here), it’s fantastic. We are including winter radishes for the first time this week. This fall-only specialty is nothing to be intimidated by, they are just like regular radishes, only larger. They are great sliced thin eaten on a salad, or try them pickled, roasted, or even fried (see recipe here)


Greens 101

As we go into fall the green content on your boxes will increase dramatically, so a little primer may be in order. Some folks are a little wary of eating their greens. To me, greens are incredibly versatile, and can add a serious dose of nutritional balance to our meals. To start, don’t overcook. You want to just wilt them, so they keep their texture. If they stick to the pan, you’ve gone too far. To me, well cooked greens contain 3 elements: fat, seasoning and acid. I use bacon grease or olive oil, and then I add the seasonings to fry briefly in the oil to infuse. I match my seasonings to the acid that I will add at the end. Garlic powder and oregano go well with balsamic, but I’m partial to Old Bay, or even Indian spices finished with apple cider vinegar. Once your greens have wilted in the pan, simply toss with a little vinegar and maybe some chicken broth. Delicious!

Take Care and Eat Well!




In The Box

-1# Apples (Beech Creek Farm)

-1# Eggplant

-1 Bunch Winter Radishes

-1 bag Salad Mix (baby lettuce, mizuna, baby arugula, baby choi)

-1# Squash OR Cucumbers

-1/2# Okra

-1 1/2# Potatoes

-1 bunch Chinese Kale OR Komatsuna OR Broccoli Raab

-1 bunch Italian Parsley

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