Spring CSA Week 14

Hello Farm Friends,

 Well, here we are, 14 weeks in the bag! The inaugural season of our CSA program has been a resounding success, and we owe all the thanks to you, our members, for allowing us such a positive venue to be able to share our hard work. You’ve fortified us with your kind words, armed us with recipes and entrusted us to bring you incredibly fresh, certified organic produce to feed your families and loved ones.
 I’m not particularly good at self-promotion, but I’m very proud of a number of things we have accomplished over the past 14 weeks. We were able to put some sort of fruit in the box for 11 out of the 14 weeks without having to resort to outside growers- I’m pretty sure that no other local CSA program can match that, especially not one that is certified organic. We grew over 30 different types of fruit and veggies for you this season, totaling over 5,000 pounds of harvest. Through your support, we were able to pay not only a living wage for myself, but also for one full-time farmer and two apprentices. We’ve battled weeds and heat, bugs and deer, raccoons and drought, and we’ve come out the other side of the season, mud-stained and grinning…
If you could understand the state of the farm last year compares to this year, it would be night and day. The first year, the farm wasn’t close to breaking even, and I spent a long and hard off season trying to figure out how to continue to follow my passion and grow food, while being able to support my young family. You have been the difference this season. You have renewed my faith and ability in growing food sustainably and for that I cannot thank you enough.
You have also made sacrifices this season. Let’s be honest, community supported agriculture isn’t for everyone. You’ve figured out how to use eggplant in a dozen new ways, you’ve refined your menus to be more in balance with what is in season, and you’ve learned that a little dirt on your food can be a good thing. It is evident from the number of you that have re-subscribed (65%!) that you are see the benefits of eating fresh, local sustainably produced food.  In this time of mass-consumerism fostered by the illusion of endless choice, it is refreshing to see that so many folks are content with something that is honest, simple and good.
Now we prepare for the fall. We are starting seeds, tilling ground and putting our faith in the soil, the weather and you, our members. We can’t wait to see what the season holds, and we hope you enjoy the adventure with us!
Take Care and Eat Well,
Cory Mosser and the entire Burge Organic Farm Team
In the Box
This week we are sending you out in style, thanks to a contribution of some nice silver queen corn and okra from our neighbor farm, Crystal Organics. Farmer Nicolas has been growing produce organically right down the road from Burge for over 12 years. He has been instrumental in the Atlanta local food movement and without his guidance and expertise, Burge Organic Farm would simply not exist. We also were able to wrest one last harvest of canteloupes from the raccoons this week, so we can send you off on a sweet note. Enjoy!
-1.5# mixed tomatoes
-4 large red potatoes
-3 ears silver queen corn (Crystal Organics)
-2/3# okra (Crystal and Burge)
-1 cantaloupe
-2 bell peppers
-1 assortment spicy peppers
-1/2# onions
-1 herb bouquet (tarragon, mint, basil, lemongrass)
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